“You can Win if you have the Will!”


“You can Win if you have the Will!”

On 25th September 2019, there was a get together at Antara Personal Growth and Development unit to congratulate our very own Jayanta Da (a member of Antara Personal Growth & Development Unit) on completion of his Master’s Degree in English Literature with excellent marks.


CEO Mr. M.Thomas John, Nursing Superintendent Ms. Poulami Dutta, Asst. to CEO Mr. Nobin Samuel, Dr. Sanmitra Dasgupta, Ms. Gargee Singh (Incharge of the unit) and a few other staff along with Jayanta’s fellow members were present to share the happiness.
Jayanta joined ANTARA Personality Growth & Development Unit three years back. When he got admitted to Antara he was going through a mental health crisis. After recovering from the crisis, he was advised to join Antara Personality Growth & Development Unit. Since then he is a member of this unit and he actively participates in different cultural programmes as well. Now he is doing quite well and he is thankful to ANTARA, especially to Personality Growth & Development Unit for the care, support and inspiration he has received.
This is a proud moment for all of us at ANTARA.
We wish Jayanta all success in life.
Three Cheers to Antara Personality Growth & Development Unit.

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Ms. Shatabdi Datta

What do you do to relax your mind?

open book.jpgAfter the long tiring day at the office, what you do to relax your mind?

Majority of you will say that you use social media as a means of relaxation. Isn’t it?
But for using social media you need to concentrate on the screen again.
So are you really relaxing your mind and your eyes?
It may sound a bit offbeat to the young adults but reading a book (hard copy) can really relax your mind. It won’t harm your eyes as well because books do not release rays.

So if your eyes are tired and your mind too, then give it a thought to read a book. You can use your phone while reading as well. How?

Go offline and use your Smartphone as a paperweight until you finish reading. 🙂 🙂


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Ms. Shatabdi Datta
 *Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.

We Help the Child Blossom

atreye poster.png
Play therapy helps to decrease the behavioural & emotional difficulties that obstruct a child’s normal functioning and help the child freely express their repressed thoughts. It helps children to learn self-control, to modify behavioural problems and to develop problem-solving skills.
Six months back a Six years old girl was brought to Antara Child Guidance Clinic with complaints of inattention in classrooms, speech articulation difficulties and spontaneous coughing for no reason. She was then referred to the Group Play Therapy Unit at Antara Child Guidance Clinic.
The girl who was poor in both verbal and non-verbal communication and not showing any interest in mixing with others became able to communicate well with others after attending 10 Play Therapy Sessions at ANTARA.
According to our Play Therapists, she was not playing in the group rather she was interested to play alone in the beginning. But now not only she plays with her playmates but also maintains group rules while attending the play sessions.
“She is managing well in social gatherings and Birthday Celebrations. Her bonding with us also improved. She improved a lot on speech articulation and she had overcome her behavioural backlogs as well. Six months back the school authorities called us because of her social behaviour and serious problems in her verbal and non-verbal communication and they suggested making arrangement for psychological interventions for her to cope with classroom activities. After six months they again called us but this time there was no complaint rather there was highly positive feedback from the school authority on her overall progress”- her father conveyed.
There are lots of such cases at ANTARA where Play Therapy helped the child to resolve psychosocial challenges and to cope with associated difficulties.
So, if you are looking for Play Therapy services in Kolkata, ANTARA Hospital is among the best Play Therapy Centres located in Kolkata-India where your child will get the best possible care and support.
You may contact us at:
Phone: 033-2437-8484/0593/ 9038844124
Email: antaragram365@gmail.com
We would be happy to help your child.


This blog has been written by-
Ms. Shatabdi Datta

Cannabis and Mental Illness

sahidul e2.jpg

The general public was beating him brutally as he was caught red-handed vandalizing the house of a local person in Baruipur. “What was his motive? Where he came from? Who sent him?”- these were the questions that forced the local people to start beating him. But he couldn’t say anything. Someone called the police and he was then rescued by the local Police. His name is Sahidul, a resident of Murshidabad district of West Bengal who came to Baruipur from Murshidabad by walking! He shared these details when he started feeling better after initial treatment. He was brought to ANTARA by the local police after they rescued him from the public who were beating him not knowing the fact that he is suffering from psychiatric illness.

44 years old Sahidul used to work as a labour in Murshidabad. “Everything was going well before he started taking cannabis. He started cannabis intake 10-11 years back and since then he has been facing some mental issues”-his wife asserted.

On 01.07.2019 we handed over Sahidul to his wife and son-in-law.

There might be more Sahiduls who are spoiling their life by cannabis intake. There is a deep relation between cannabis intake and mental illness. So here is a message to everyone to keep away from cannabis or any sorts of drug abuse.

This blog has been Written by-
Ms. Shatabdi Datta
 *Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.

Gadgets vs. Nature


A few days back I got a call from my cousin sister that she was coming over to our place. As per the plan, they arrived at our place. Her daughter was super excited to see me. She literally loves her ‘Mimi’ (Aunty) i.e., Me. J  But the weather was just oppressively hot that day. So we decided to spend time at home only. The positive thing is that in spite of being in a city, we have a lot of space in our courtyard. So we didn’t have to confine inside the room for the whole day. I and my sister met after a long time, so our conversation was going on and on. I noticed that my four years old niece was playing with her mother’s Smartphone for a long time. I was eager to know what she is doing with the Smartphone for long! I asked my sister what her girl knows about Smartphone. ‘She can play with this for the whole day’-She smiled and replied. I was surprised to see that she is happy that her child is staying inside and playing with the gadgets allowing her to concentrate less on her.

If I had not worked in the field of mental health, I would have thought that too. I insisted both of them to go outside and play in the courtyard. But the little one was unwilling to play in the mud. My sister narrated- “Let her play in the varanda rather than the mud. It’s dirty’.

 Sometimes parents’ fear also keeps kids away from nature (fear of dirt or germs, fear of insects etc).  We blame our kids for playing a long time with electronic gadgets. But what other option we are providing them?

 Early exposure to microbes present in the soil can help kids become stronger and disease-resistant. 

I tried to convince her. After a long conversation and rapid crossfire of words, she allowed her child to play in the mud. Now it was time to convince my little niece. A strong feeling of fear about dirt was working on her mind. So I failed to convince her. The next day I planned to play a game in front of her that we used to play in our childhood, i.e., ‘Kumir-danga’. This game needs to be played on an uneven surface. One player has to act as ‘Kumir’ (Crocodile) and the rest need to stand on high ground or ‘Danga’. The person acting as Kumir had to catch another player when he/she came down from the high surface. Whoever was caught has to swap place with the crocodile. So this is really a fun game. Other players keep prompting the crocodile that he is unable to catch them.

I, my sister and two kids of my neighbour started playing the game. We showed how much fun it is to play outdoor games. ‘Ridhi’-my niece, suddenly came to the courtyard and asked me to take her in the game.  ‘But it is dirty outside and you don’t like mud right?’-I replied. She started crying and repeatedly requested us to involve her in our game. So that’s how my little niece got in touch with nature for the first time. I showed her how to make pots with mud. Obviously, she won’t get the opportunity to do this in her flat but at least her fear of dirt has gone. The child, who was not willing to touch mud, is now playing with it. I was so happy seeing that. Believe me, no Smartphone, iPad, laptop or video games could bring that smile on her face that we encountered that day. My cousin sister now allows her child to play in the mud without hesitation. There is a Park near their Flat. She tries to visit the park with Ridhi whenever possible.

Do your children also spend much time indoor? Are they too busy playing with electronic gadgets and reluctant to talk or play with others?

Try to make them curious about nature. Motivate them to play outside.

Visit Eco-friendly Parks where you can breathe in fresh air rather than visiting Malls. Plants play a vital role in the purification of air. So if you are a city-dweller, living in an Apartment, you should try to grow a few plants wherever there is space. Let your child get some fresh air. Don’t hesitate to allow your child to play in the mud.

This blog has been Written by-
Ms. Shatabdi Datta
 *Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.

Article published by Anandabazar Patrika on 04.06.2019 about ANTARA Hospital

abp antara2.jpg


Article published by Anandabazar Patrika on 04.06.2019. Story of Sunil and a few other homeless mentally ill patients and how they get reunited with their families with the help of ANTARA has been depicted here.


sulekha2.jpgSmt. Sulekha Mahato, 58 years, Ranibandh, Bankura District, West Bengal was supposed to visit her Father’s house and return in a few days. But there was no trace of her for almost two months. Her sons searched for her in all relatives’ houses but no success.
Finally the West Bengal Police knocked on their door with a message from ANTARA HOSPITAL.
Their mother is in Antara Hospital rescued from the streets and admitted by the police. She is now well-enough to return home.
On Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 her son came to ANTARA and took her home.
Another happy episode in the journey of ANTARA!

Home-coming after 20 years!

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Sunil got missing from home in his 20’s. After 20 years ANTARA reunited him with his family on 18.03.2019. His family members almost lost all hopes of getting him back. When his father was informed by Jharkhand Police that Sunil has been found in ANTARA Hospital, Kolkata, his father was happy and surprised at the same time. Sunil got missing from his residence at Jharkhand almost 20 years back. No one knows where he spent a major part of his life. No one knows how he came to Kolkata.

It was 12.02.2019 when West Bengal Police brought Sunil to ANTARA. They found him roaming around the streets and decided to give him shelter. ANTARA was the first name that came to their mind and they brought him here.

According to his father, Sunil was mildly mentally retarded since childhood. Affordable mental health facility was not available at their place. So they never tried to do his treatment.

Self-muttering, self-smiling, not maintaining daily activities, poor personal hygiene and wandering tendency were the symptoms that we found in him. We started his treatment once he got admitted here. After a few days of treatment, he responded well and started giving more information.  He told us that his house is at Vill-Mukrudih, Jharkhand. ANTARA Team then contacted with Jharkhand police and with the help of them we got to reach his family.

On 18.03.2019 Sunil’s father, relatives and neighbours came to collect him from ANTARA. One of his relatives said that they raised funds to come to Kolkata by car and all the neighbours and relatives of Sunil are awaiting his arrival at home.

This blog has been Written by-
Ms. Shatabdi Datta
 *Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.



Ms. Sujata Adhikary is the only earning member of the family. As her elder sister, Jharna has been separated, she stays with Sujata along with her child.

Jharna is 40 and suffering from mental illness. Frequent mood swings, aggressiveness, irrelevant talk, reduced sleep and appetite etc were the symptoms of Mrs. Jharna Sanpui, resident of a slum in Kolkata. When her daughter and sister came to receive her from ANTARA we got to know from them that she got missing from home one month back after a quarrel with her mother. They said whenever she got into a fight she used to leave home. But this time she was missing for a month.  They said she is very demanding and used to take tobacco.

On 17.02.2019 West Bengal Police from Baruipur Thana brought her to ANTARA. After a few days of treatment, she started giving information about her home and family members. Although the address she provided was of her in-laws’ place. But our team of social workers managed to find out her home and informed her family that Ms. Jharna is being treated at ANTARA.

On 12.03.2019 Ms. Sujata Adhikary (Sister of Jharna), and Ms. Puja Poria (Daughter of Jharna) came and received Jharna from ANTARA.

As their financial condition is very poor, ANTARA gave them a 100 percent concession on her treatment cost.

ANTARA always strives to help such needy patients.

You may help us to help such persons.

All donations to ANTARA are exempted from Income Tax u/s 80G.

For further query contact us at- 033-2437-8484/0593/0439

Website- www.antaraglobal.org

Email us at- antaragram365@gmail.com

Whatsapp- 9038858123



This blog has been Written by-
Ms. Shatabdi Datta
 *Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.

ANTARA is helping homeless mentally ill persons

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During the last fortnight, 29 persons picked up from the streets have been brought to ANTARA because they seemed to be suffering from mental illness.

When asked most of them were unable to give clear details of their identity. They were brought from different police station areas such as Baruipur, Joynagar, Bakultala, Kultali, Falta, Narendrapur, Sonarpur etc under the Baruipur & Diamond Harbour subdivisions of South 24 Parganas.

As per procedure laid out in Mental Healthcare Act 2017, these patients were admitted through the order of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM), Baruipur Sub-division.

Widespread rumours of child lifting, kidnapping and kidney racket have led to physical assaults on several persons in the district.

Out of the 29, three persons were able to give details of their home after 2-3 days of treatment. One is from Hyderabad, one from Jharkhand and the other from Sonarpur. We are glad to inform that the families have already taken them to their places.

We highly appreciate the prompt action of West Bengal Police and the ACJM to save innocent mentally ill persons.